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Limit damage to hardwood floors during high-traffic summer days

July 17, 2014

hardwood floorsWith an increase in visitors and outdoor activities, foot traffic tends to increase in people's houses during summer. That means your wood floors are subjected to more wear and tear, and additional cleanup may be necessary. But if you choose Anderson's Vintage Olde Paint collection, the durability of these engineered floors will withstand whatever the season throws at them.

Between pet stains, children's floor games and dirt tracked in from outside, you may be tackling a variety of stains and spills more frequently than usual. But with regular maintenance, be sure to choose equipment and materials that won't damage the finish on the hardwood.

With some finishes like the distressed look of Olde Paint on oak planks, scratches show up less, but other finishes may not fare as well. To ensure that moving out chairs from tables and occasional rearrangement of furnishings to make room for social gatherings don't damage surfaces, apply floor protectors under all furniture pieces that are likely to leave scrapes. Floor protectors also tend to help heavy pieces move more smoothly, so cleaning out of the way places will be easier.

Use only cleaning formulas that are recommended by Anderson to ensure that the finish won't be harmed. For everyday sweeping, it's best to vacuum because all the dust and grit between boards will be sucked out rather than left behind by a broom, recommended DIY Fix It. The floor-brush attachment on a vacuum cleaner is the best one to use.

Floor rules
To keep dragged-in dirt and water from being tracked indoors, Better Homes and Gardens magazine advised keeping welcome mats at all entries inside and outside the doors. When your kids are coming into the house with their friends, ask them to take off their shoes. Adults who see door mats will often use them without asking.

Limit toys and games to carpeted or non-hardwood surfaces to avoid marks. That includes pet toys, which may have rough edges that can mar your floors' finish. Keep the dog or cat toys in the non-wood areas and that's where they'll be likely to play with them.

It's also a good idea to keep your pets nails trimmed back so they don't cause scratches and scrapes on wood floors. If you can hear their nails tap on hard surfaces as they walk, you know it's time for a trip to the groomer.

Use area rugs in high-traffic sections of the house. They can be coordinated with the rest of your home design by choosing complementary colors and textures.