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Remodel your garage and add hardwood floors for a new livable space

June 25, 2014

Hardwood FloorsYou may be planning for the return of a recent college graduate or an aging parent to move in with you. Or, if you have a younger family, there may be another child on the way but no place for a nursery without intruding on your other children. Either way, you have to prepare new living space with remodeling that may include installing hickory hardwood floors like Anderson's Vintage mixed width planks.

Homeowners faced with such expansions frequently consider the basement or attic, even consider adding a second-story to a single-level home. Many people don't realize they have a space that's often under utilized and is located right outside their doors - the garage.

Practical matters
Renovating a garage as you would your unfinished basement or attic can create a new living suite with all the comforts of home, according to Houzz. While electricity is in place, it will require other utilities, finished walls and possibly a new ceiling.

The extension of cable service will be needed, including WiFi to accommodate the technology needs of the modern home. Adding insulation and heating will make the space comfortable enough for year-round use day and night. A mix of overhead and task lights will provide both illumination for the whole office and focused lighting at a desk or reading chair.

There are other ways to make the garage part of a home's livable space even if a new bedroom isn't needed. Families can turn a detached structure or a garage that attached to the home into a media and games center or a home office as long as a number of room design issues are settled before homeowners embark on such projects.

Additional room
In a warm climate, homeowners may not have to extend their home's heating system into an attached garage. It may pick up enough residual heat from the house, which can be supplemented by a free-standing electric heater or fireplace.

British newspaper The Independent extolled the benefits of remodeling detached garages. In the U.S., they're often found behind homes built in the 1940s and 1950s. The investment is often worth the expense because most detached garages constructed in that era yield an amount of square footage that's equal to the size of a room, if not more.

In a garage remodel, homeowners will have to redo the wall with the garage door and add some windows, they'll often get the equivalent of a vaulted ceiling, which increases the home design possibilities.