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From hardwood floors to accessories, give the illusion of space in a small bedroom

June 23, 2014

Hardwood FlooringIn a small bedroom, homeowners who hang a large mirror on one wall will immediately add depth and give the impression that the room is bigger than it is. That's just one way to make an average bedroom look like a master suite, regardless of its size. Add beautiful bed linens, solid hickory floors like those in Anderson's Vintage collection and a comfortable chair to turn your bedroom into everything you want it to be.

Don't make the mistake of using small furniture to give the impression of more space between furnishings. Small-scale furniture often makes a bedroom seem smaller because people have a tendency to put in too much within a limited area. 

HGTV recommended using colors that are similar in tone for walls, furnishings and bedding to make a bedroom appear larger. The lines between these different elements will be blurred, and your eye will move effortlessly around the room. To break up the expanse of color, use a few bolder hues in small amounts - pillows on the bed, accessories on a wall shelf or a brightly colored lampshade.

More decorative elements
The bed may be the star of the bedroom, but a comfortable chair is an important supporting player in the room design. A chair may be a place where you lay out your clothes for the next day, sit down when putting on shoes or getting comfortable with a good book.

For a lavish effect without overpowering the room, decorate the bed with more than one pair of pillows in contrasting patterns, colors or textures, according to House Beautiful. Window treatments in a small room should be light and airy. Soft sheers outlined by narrow drape panels will allow filtered light into the room while maintaining visibility of the outdoors. For privacy, denser shades may be used and raised for lighting as needed.

Although the bed inevitably takes up the most space, you can minimize the amount of room that's used in tight quarters by eliminating the headboard. Instead, decorate the wall around the bed, emulating the look of a headboard by using a tapestry or quilt for a backdrop, or by painting a design on the wall that frames the bed. Take the design or wall hanging the full length of the wall vertically to give the illusion that the ceiling is higher than it really is.