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Bring out favorite color duos for summertime home design

June 15, 2014

The start of summer is a good time to pull out the paint cans and give your home a style update. If you have beautiful hardwood floors in place, like those in Anderson's Brevard collection, choosing color combinations that will bring out the warmth and glow of the wood is the next step in creating a memorable room design.

When you gravitate to classic style in your choice of furnishings, chances are you've chosen pieces with some traditional pairings of hues that have been favorites for generations. Black and white is a dramatic color duo that works as well in modern decor as it does in period styles like Art Deco. They're two colors that go with any accent shade so there's a lot of versatility that can be introduced through accessories and soft furnishings.

But if it's summertime that's gotten you energized to rework your home decor, no color combination speaks to summer better than blue and white. House Beautiful called it "crisp, clean and all-American," varying from stark contrast between bright white and navy to a softer cast like sky blue and antique white with subtle sandy brown as an understated accessory hue. For those who are fans of country-style or cottage decorating, blue and white is a traditional color mix for those home design traditions.

Turn to nature
Warmer weather will also cause you to naturally gravitate to the outdoors. If this is the season that pleases you most, bring the outside into your home with a selection of nature colors. Similar to blue and white with shoreline influences, cottage decorating also frequently relies on green and brown as the basis for garden-themed color schemes.

By themselves, both colors vary enormously and just about any choice in the green or brown spectrum will be a great match between the two hues - lime green and chocolate brown, hunter green and tan, olive green and medium brown  just for starters. All of them are great matches as well for wood flooring.

When it comes to earth tones, however, there may be a tendency to be too subtle and that's where the brighter colors of nature come into play, according to Better Homes and Gardens. Nothing sparks an earthy color pattern than bright shades of yellow, orange and red, and they don't have to be jarring. Tone down brightness by using brilliant nature colors in patterns that include or offset green and brown well and the result will be as fresh as a day spent in the woods.