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Make your fireplace the heart of your room design all year

June 05, 2014

Hardwood FloorsAs families move most of their activities outdoors this time of year, the only fire they're planning to start will probably be in a firepit on their patio. But the fireplace inside your home shouldn't be neglected as a home design feature just because the weather has warmed up. With beautiful wood floors like those in Anderson's Vintage Legacy Hardwood Floors collection surrounding it, a fireplace continues to give a room warmth no matter what the season.

According to DIY Network, a fireplace is often the focal point of a living room or family room. It can be both an elegant and comforting part of any space, whether it's made of brick, marble, metal or limestone.

Wood floors are a particularly good accompaniment to a fireplace, because wood tones often complement the construction materials that are used. The classic quality of hardwood flooring stands out in both contemporary and traditional decor.

The fireplace's surround may also be constructed of a variety of materials, including wood. If the surround is the same brick as the fireplace, you might want a different material to accentuate the interior of the structure or paint it in a contrasting color to make the inner brick pop.

An active look
A fireplace doesn't have to be in use to have a cozy effect on a room. If a flue has been blocked up and rendered the fireplace out of commission, the structure that remains still adds character and charm to the space. In the off season, fill a fireplace with potted flowers or a large wrought iron candelabra with tea lights.

If you want the look of an active fire feature, you can keep fresh logs stacked inside year-round. It's best to keep glass doors or a firescreen over them, however, in case they draw bugs during the warm months.

One of a fireplace's most pleasing aspects is its symmetry, and many homeowners play up this simplicity with a selection of mantel accessories that are set up symmetrically as well. A more interesting approach is to mix materials and shapes, although designer Laurel Bern warned homeowners not to "over mix" different materials, striving instead for a less is more approach.

You may choose a single, striking artwork to place above the fireplace or a large mirror that can help make a small living room seem more expansive. Whatever decorative approach you prefer, the fireplace will be the first thing to catch everyone's eyes as they enter the room.