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Let the warmth of wood floors and stylish decor greet visitors to your home

June 02, 2014

Hickory Hardwood FloorsIt's often been said that first impressions count because they create a lasting imprint on people's minds. That's as true with the impact your entryway will have on those visiting your home. Choosing furnishings and quality home design goods like hickory hardwood flooring from Anderson's Vintage Bastille hardwood floor collection will leave a positive impression every time.

The durability of hickory floors comes in handy in a place that sees a lot of foot traffic and will stand up to the wear and tear of people coming in and out. The accents you use in a foyer, however, are the features that will create an expectation of the homeowners' decorating style through the rest of the house.

Since many people view the entry as a mostly utilitarian space, why not throw in something unexpected into its decor? According to Midwest Living magazine, one way to do that is to choose a bold color to encase the entry, as long as it coordinates well with the wall color of the room in closest proximity. Here's where color families come in handy, because they're merely shades of the same color from dark to light. Staying within a family of the same hues allows you to choose a very dark or bright shade for the entry that's a good complement to a neutral color in a nearby room.

Furnishing your entry
If there's one piece of furniture to place in an entryway that will prove to be both useful and stylish, it's a table. In a small space, that usually means situating a narrow table or an attractive bookcase along one wall. But when the foyer is larger or rounded, a small round table located in the center of the entry room makes an impressive statement. Place a centerpiece on it that's in line with the rest of your home style - contemporary or traditional, country-style or urban chic.

The accent pieces you use on the foyer walls should be a preview of what visitors can expect to see in the more formal parts of your home, such as the living and dining rooms. Here's a chance to give attention to things you love like antiques or collectibles from places where you've traveled, explained Real Simple magazine.

If you love greenery, place an interesting plant that blooms most of the year or has unique foliage in your entry area. Or, have a vase of cut flowers to greet people. Add a large mirror in your room design to give the illusion of more space.