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Hardwood floors can tie together natural elements in spring decor

May 28, 2014

Hardwood FloorsThe change to warmer seasons often makes people want to embrace nature more in their daily activities, and that may include home design. The painted floors within Anderson's Vintage Coastal Art hardwood floor collection in a sand dollar finish, for instance, suggest color tones found on sandy beaches. Other decorating choices can also be inspired by garden colors or the foliage in wooded areas.

It's no unusual for most homes to have plants scattered about in places where they catch the most sun, or in the bathroom where they can soak up moist air. But William Sonoma's Designer Marketplace suggested making natural elements like flowering plants a more pervasive part of room design throughout the year.

In spring, try adding flower boxes to deep window ledges with potted plants that will sprout a variety of colors. For more greenery, miniature topiaries create the feel of an English garden, which can be changed to holly and other seasonal greens when cold weather returns. By dedicating specific areas to plant life - like flowers, small potted trees and ferns - you'll create a garden aesthetic in your home. Indoor plants also have a wonderful side effect of improving air quality while adding a natural aroma.

Changeable furnishings
Letting your furniture reflect the change to warm weather may come in the form of floral patterns where neutral solid colors predominated during winter. They don't have to be limited to soft furnishings, although that's a simple way to incorporate new hues and prints.

In addition, replace darker colored artwork or sculptural pieces made of dense, heavy materials with a selection of decorative items that reflect the lightness of spring and summer, Better Homes and Gardens magazine recommended. For example, if you have a gallery wall of small, framed paintings, switch out the artwork in favor of floral watercolors. Colors like green, light brown and blue help to create a sense of the great outdoors in any room.

This may also be a good time to reevaluate your furniture arrangement. Having a cozy atmosphere in rooms fits winter because it gives people a sense of refuge from the elements. But during the warm season, clear away some inessential side pieces and make space to move around more easily and create an open design that fits longer days with more light.

The natural look of hardwood floors is a great way to tie all of this together with rich, wood tones that are versatile enough to suit any season.