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Room design ideas can be adapted for a small living room

May 27, 2014

Hardwood FlooringNot every home is graced with a large living room, but even a small one can be made into a stylish and functional space that welcomes guests and feels comfortable enough for family activities. Adding lovely hardwood floors like those in the Anderson Brevard hardwood floor collection is a step toward making the most of the living room you have.

To start, you need to consider why your living room may not be functioning well. Is it really a space problem or is the room buried under mounds of clutter for lack of proper storage areas? Is there too much furniture because you feel a living room must have an obligatory coffee table, sofa and side chairs?

First, let go of pre-conceived notions of what a living room must have. If yours can't fit all the components of a traditional space that welcomes guests, NYCitywoman recommended investing in dual-purpose furniture. A hope chest can serve as both storage and a coffee table, just as an ottoman can be a foot rest and a storage box in one.

In a room where a long sofa inhibits the traffic flow, try a loveseat instead. Extra chairs can be placed in a corner until they're needed, leaving a more open floor pattern for everyday use. In any case, buying furniture that's in proportion to the room will leave more floor space.

Create atmosphere with lights and mirrors
One of the best ways to create the illusion of space, and thereby give the impression of a more open atmosphere, is to hang large mirrors that reflect what you have and seem to double it. It's one of the oldest interior design tricks in the book, but hanging a mirror on a bare wall will make a room feel larger instantly.

There are countless frame designs, sizes and shapes to work with, so you can create an arrangement that's in step with your personal home design style. For a classic touch, look for vintage picture frames at antique shops or flea markets that can as easily be used to frame a mirror.

According to HGTV, your lighting scheme should be planned to accommodate a variety of activities. Overhead lighting tends to be harsher, but stretches light throughout the room while task lighting leaves a softer glow but is focused on a particular area. Compromise by using dimmers for the overhead fixtures and strategically placing your task lamps so they serve specific areas but meld together for ambient lighting from different sections of the room.