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Start with wood floors to make your guest room inviting

May 19, 2014

Solid Wood FloorsFor most of the year, your guest room may be a place for extra storage, a makeshift home office and exercise equipment you hardly use. But with summer visitors just on the horizon, it's time to take stock of the guest room's decor. If you already have a beautiful hickory floor like those in Anderson's Vintage solid wood floor collection, you're one step ahead.

Now, it just needs to be cleaned out, made over quickly into a true guest quarters and given some hospitable touches. Even if your visiting friends and family members are only going to spend a few days, these changes will create a big difference in making them feel at home.

To get your guest room in tip-top shape, focus on the needs of your visitors. Put yourself in their shoes, think about what you value most when you're staying at someone's home and take it from there.

Start with storage. Your guests are going to need ample space to hang up their clothing and store their personal belongings, so Country Living magazine recommended making sure there's adequate storage and closet space. Include a bedside basket or small container where they can place their essentials - phones, glasses, medications and jewelry. Make room for them to place their luggage and other possessions out of the way so the traffic flow in the room isn't inhibited.

Remember the extras
If your guests will be sharing a bathroom with others in the house, HGTV suggested hanging a large mirror in their quarters so they can put on makeup, shave with an electric razor, fix their hair and check their appearance without relying on the bathroom mirror.

A mirror can also add to the ambience of a small room, because the reflection gives the illusion of more space. You can place it on the back of a closet door, or make it part of your room design by hanging it to spruce up a bare wall.

When your guests arrive, they may need time to relax and recharge their batteries, so make sure there's engaging reading material waiting for them upon arrival. A few magazines, crossword and Sudoku books and a collection of short stories will give them lots to read over the course of their stay, and it's a hospitable touch that they'll appreciate. Include some maps and brochures about things to see in your vicinity if they have time to be tourists.