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Make your dwelling stand out by personalizing home design

May 10, 2014

Hickory Hardwood FlooringThere are no right or wrong choices when homeowners let their personalities show in their home design. In fact, most professionals consider it a plus if they get away from what's often called "the showroom look." You can include classic elements like the hickory hardwood flooring in Anderson's Vintage Bastille collection without giving up the personal touches that make your home distinctive. 

According to She Knows, homeowners should strive for a style they admire that will allow them some flexibility in home decor. Whether they choose to paint an accent wall turquoise or place a Mission-style chair next to a glass coffee table, homeowners shouldn't be afraid to decorate their houses the way they like as long as they observe accepted design concepts such as balance and proportion.

Customize your style
This is where trends such as custom furniture are gaining momentum. The switch from beige base colors to gray tones has become prevalent in recent years, but there's no reason why homeowners can't view other light or dark colors as their personal neutrals.

At the same time, when people customize their spaces they need to consider the activities that are most likely to occur in those rooms. Taking measurements before deciding on furniture arrangements will save homeowners headaches later. Otherwise, some things may not fit their room design and adjustments will be needed.

One thing they may find is that scaled-down furnishings can achieve the same effect as one big piece -  two love seats instead of a single long sofa, for instance - or that homeowners' dream furniture may work better in another room from the one where they envisioned it.

Follow your patterns
Designer Ashley Cole, writing for Women's Lifestyle Magazine, noted that home decorators who have trouble pinning down their personal style should take a cue from the pictures they routinely clip out of home design publications. If they see a pattern emerging, that's their style.

The same attention should be paid to the stores they frequent. If they find themselves gravitating to second-hand shops and flea markets, chances are their personal style is oriented to vintage furnishings.

As for inspiration, home decorators need only look at their immediate surroundings. From the varied terrain in the Southwest U.S. to the rolling hills of New England, regional tastes differ in home design and often reflect the area in which houses are located. In coastal areas, a seashore theme may influence design choices, which may be entirely different in a rustic, mountainous region.