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Use hardwood flooring as a great design starter for children who share a bedroom

May 06, 2014

Engineered Hardwood FlooringSharing a bedroom with a brother or sister can take away privacy and may not reflect how children want their room to look. But if parents start with long-lasting elements like the hardwood floors in Anderson's Gnarly Plank collection, they can find ways to build a room design that gives each child a space of his or her own.

Devising a room layout that's fair to both kids is the first step. Some kids may have hobbies that take up more space, but as long as each is happy that their special interests are recognized, the room doesn't have to be divided inch by inch. Using shelving units to separate the sleeping areas creates a natural division and also provides each child with their own space for storage, according to HGTV.

In some cases, children welcome a set a bunk beds. As long as there's no conflict about who gets the top or the bottom bunk, make the most of this easy to save floor space and keep each child happy. Sometimes, you can create a configuration of bunk beds that allows the space under the top bed to remain open for a desk or play area with one side held up by a bookcase or other substantial piece of furniture.

Make space for playtime
Children almost always want bright colors around them, but parents shouldn't let them go too far afield in their choices. Neon hues, for instance, can become old pretty fast and don't provide as much flexibility in creating an overall color scheme. Whatever colors are chosen, be sure the finish is washable and can withstand frequent changes in wall art or posters.

Apartment Therapy suggested infusing the room with color in ways that are easier than painting the room - area rugs, bed ensembles, window coverings or a large bulletin board for each child that's framed in bold, primary colors. Put down a few colorful floor pillows so they can be comfortable on wood floors.

Create a game area and storage section for children's toys and personal collections. While they'll still sprawl on their beds and turn to other parts of the house for playtime, this spot will give them a shared space that may create a stronger bond between the siblings.

Teach your kids to take pride in an organized space so they'll look forward to playing there with their friends and each other. Set up clear rules about cleanup after a busy play session so that each child feels they have a stake in keeping their room looking its best.