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Easy cleanup keeps Hardwood Floors gleaming

May 05, 2014

Maple Hardwood FlooringAfter tracking winter debris into your home for a few months, it's time to take stock of the effect that's had on your wood floors. But you'll probably be surprised - floors like those in Anderson's Vintage Crossfire maple hardwood floor collection have great durability as well as a beautiful gleam.

Unlike carpeting, hardwood flooring doesn't trap dirt and dust that can affect your indoor air quality to the point that it becomes an irritant to people with allergies or respiratory conditions like asthma. Deep cleaning carpets during spring cleaning or when you're getting ready for holiday visitors also may take the better part of a day.

By contrast, soft bristle brooms and hardwood brush attachments to vacuum cleaners are all that's typically needed to keep wood floors at their best. A terrycloth mop with a rotating head does the best job of cleaning hard-to-reach corners, under cabinets and along baseboards.

Stop dirt at the door
If you keep a mat in front of every entry door in your home, you'll cut down tracked-in dirt significantly. The World Floor Covering Association recommended using door mats that are substantial enough to lift tiny particles off footwear when people wipe their feet. Otherwise, those bits of dirt can act like sandpaper and scratch the wood.

To really cut down on debris brought into your home from outdoors, adopt the habit of kicking off your shoes when you enter the house. Teach other family members to do the same, but give guests the option of keeping on their shoes so they won't feel uncomfortable walking around in stocking feet.

Remove tougher marks
If you install wood flooring in the kitchen, use mats or small rugs in front of sinks or any other spot where liquids are likely to be spilled on the floor. But stay away from rubber-backed or non-ventilated mats, which can damage the finish on wood.

When there are scuff marks to remove or if a finish needs restoring, a commercial wood floor cleaning product may be needed, according to Better Homes and Gardens magazine. Take the advice of the installer or the floor manufacturer and use products they've found to be most effective to remove stains and marks without dulling the wood's finish.

The reward for keeping your hardwood floors dust-free will be fewer allergens in the air, a surface that needs minimal care on a regular basis and the beauty and warmth that only comes from high-quality wood floors.