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Add color to home design with accessories and soft furnishings

April 29, 2014

Hardwood FlooringWhen people think of adding color to a room, the first thing that comes to mind is probably painting the walls. But there are many other options that can add bold hues to home decor, and look great against neutral walls and the warm tones of hardwood floors. They can also complement painted floor finishes like those in Anderson's Vintage Olde Paint collection.

One way to add new color to a room design is to look to a part of the house that's pervasive, but sometimes overlooked - the windows. Traditionally, curtains and drapes were the colorful part of window decor and shades or blinds held up the functional end. But color is just as prevalent in shades as it is in customized drapes these days.

For instance, roman shades serve the same purpose as standard rollup shades, but they have a stylish design that can be used without curtains and still present a finished look. Even functional window treatments like room darkening, sound reduction and energy-saving cellular shades come in a variety of bold colors and patterns. Woven wood blinds are available in finishes that can be matched to wood floors.

Beyond their usefulness in providing privacy, installing attractive window coverings is an easy way to upgrade a room. With the right combination of shades, valances or curtains and unique hardware, the room might even have a new focal point.

Color through accessories
Adding new window treatments is just the beginning of how homeowners can inject color into their home design with soft furnishings and accessories, according to Better Homes and Gardens magazine. Some home decorators might even consider color-coding their books on shelves so there's an aesthetic appeal to what is too often a mish-mash of book jackets and bindings.

Throw pillows, new upholstery, slipcovers and area rugs are all effective ways to add color without much effort or expense, and they have the added benefit of being changed along with the seasons. Re-upholstering cushioned furnishings is a more extensive undertaking, but it also has long-lasting appeal and a greater impact than smaller changes.

House Beautiful magazine suggested that home decorators can give their rooms a striking finished look if they take time to organize their accessories by color or themes. It helps create vignettes of objects that are linked because of their shapes, hues, period style or other features they have in common. Using multiples of one type of item - ceramic pitchers, for instance - is another way to add interest and bring color into a room.