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Embrace everyone's interests in a family room design

April 28, 2014

Hardwood FloorsA family room may be the most versatile of spaces. It's used by everyone in the household for a variety of activities, like playing games with kids, relaxing by watching TV and socializing with visitors. For all these needs, the family room should have floors with the performance and stability of Anderson's Urban Loft collection to withstand constant use and look good through it all.

The best way to ensure that the family room will be well-used is to create a room design that's functional and embraces everyone's favorite pastimes. When deciding on a floor plan that accomplishes this, encourage every family member to help with a list of activities in which they expect to participate in the room.

Creating traffic patterns around furnishings and play areas is important for creating a natural flow to the foot traffic in and out of the room. It should be functional without taking away from the aesthetic effect, particularly as people enter the room and see the space as a whole. This is where a talent for home design comes into play, along with an appreciation of how the room is used most.

Setting up activities
The point of a family room is to allow all members of the house to pursue their interests without interfering with the enjoyment of others. In this respect the layout of the room becomes especially important. One way to solve this dilemma is to create partitions with screens or positioning large furniture pieces between activity areas. 

If videos and gaming are important, comfortable seating should be arranged around the viewing area, freeing up space for more active pursuits elsewhere in the room. For a special interest like paddle games, room needs to be set aside for a table and space around it to prevent interference with other furnishings or quieter activities that may be going on.

According to House Logic, many homeowners don't want their entertainment centers to dominate family rooms any longer. A space-saving design can be accomplished instead by hanging a flat screen TV on the wall and using a cabinet to hide away equipment when it isn't in use. The same unit can also be used for storing other possessions that are routinely used in the family room. Being able to stash items away quickly makes it easier to outfit the room for gatherings at other times.