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Break away from traditional style in dining room design

April 16, 2014

Hickory Hardwood FlooringIn a busy household, there's hardly a space that isn't used full-time for one activity or another. If homeowners have a dining room that's stacked with papers on the unused table and clutter scattered around the room, there's a better way to make use of their dining area. They can decorate the space to put it on par with the rest of the house, starting with beautiful wood floors like those in Anderson's Lone Star Hardwood collection.

According to Better Homes and Gardens magazine, the arrangement of seating can make a big difference in how efficiently the space in a dining area is put to use. Several room layouts featured in the magazine focused on banquette-style seating and built-in benches up against the wall or tucked into a corner, with chairs placed across from the benches.

Another way to make better use of space is to use a round table that fits better into a corner and can accommodate more chairs surrounding it.

Homeowners also don't have to give up comfort when they try a different arrangement from the traditional dining room setting. Benches, banquettes and individual chairs can all be made more comfortable with cushions, some of the them tacked on as permanent upholstery to the seating. This also makes the room more versatile because it can be dressed up or dressed down depending on whether company is coming for dinner or the family is having a casual meal.

Diversify the dining room look
There's often need for more storage in a home, and the dining area is no exception. Traditionally, dining rooms had a large hutch with a bureau on the bottom for linens and dishes and shelving on top where china was decoratively displayed. In a more compact room, that storage can come in the form of built-in drawers or bins under a bench and banquette seats.

Lighting is important to create the right ambience for a dining area, but task lighting should also be available if the table is used for activities when meals aren't taking place. Attractive overhead fixtures can be tied into lights and lamps displayed in adjacent areas to unify the home design with similar materials and colors for lampshades.

Real Simple magazine advised home decorators not to be bound by traditional concepts of a dining room when coming up with a room design. Painting chairs or other furniture pieces in bright colors, for instance, provides a strong contrast to hardwood floors and wood table tops by introducing color and diversified style into a dining space.