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Boost your dwelling's value by updating the home design

April 15, 2014

Hardwood FloorsWhen you're contemplating a move to a new home, the last thing you probably want to do is sink a great deal of money into the house you're leaving behind. But whatever improvements you make should be what prospective home buyers want in their future homes. According to Zillow, that includes classic hardwood floors like Anderson's Vintage Bastille collection of hickory flooring.

Assuming major systems like plumbing and electrical systems are in good shape, you may consider some suggestions that won't break the bank but will make a great impression on home buyers who come up your walkway.

Curb appeal
Before they even get to the front door, your home's potential next owners will see the state of your lawn and landscaping, railings and stairways and how well you've kept up the exterior of the house itself. If you don't want to resurface or repaint the exterior of your dwelling, at least do a power wash and some patching so it looks like it's in good repair.

The grass and hedges should be neat and trimmed, and adding some flower beds or planters will bring some color to the greenery, according to the San Francisco Chronicle's Home Guides. You might also consider a new door if the one you've had all these years is significantly outdated - and outshone by newer styles on other houses on the block.

New paint
Repainting the interior of your home isn't nearly as expensive as an outside paint job. HGTV recommended that you choose a subtle neutral color to allow prospective buyers to imagine their own furnishings and home design style with these spanking clean walls. Newly painted rooms add value and appeal that will brighten your home and your sales prospects.

Bathrooms and kitchens
There are plenty of small differences you can make in these key areas that are simple and inexpensive. Without pulling out sinks, commodes and tubs that are in good repair, you can give them a new look with the latest styles in metal fixtures. If the vanity has seen better days, repaint it and add new hardware. Replace outdated lighting with simple and sophisticated new styles.

In the kitchen, similar upgrades to cabinet hardware, overhead lights and plumbing fixtures won't set you back much, but can have a good return on these relatively small improvements. However, if any of your appliances are not in good shape, spend the money to replace them because to ignore these shortcomings will be immediately obvious to any potential home buyer.