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Create a home office in a dual-purpose room design

April 02, 2014

Oak Hardwood FlooringSome homeowners just need a desk where they can plop down their laptop and get their bills paid. But many people telecommute or are self-employed, and they may require a full-fledged office where they can meet with clients. Having a place with every electronic convenience, ergonomically correct seating and attractive decor that includes the classy look of Anderson's Eagle Lodge hickory hardwood flooring is a plus for any home office.

One problem that many homeowners run into is the amount of space they can dedicate to a work space, and where to locate it. Trying to find a place in their home design may be limited by the overriding needs of a growing family or due to the limited confines of a small apartment or condominium.

One of the most astute ways to secure enough space for a home office is to create a dual-purpose room that may be an office during work hours and a family den, guest room or other living space the rest of the time. For tax purposes, Turbo Tax warned home workers to deduct only for the portion of a room that's used for professional use.

Apartment dwellers may be able to create a versatile room design that allows furniture to be shifted for other home needs when their office isn't in use.

Look above or below
One of the advantages of locating a home office in a basement or attic is the sheer space that usually is available in those areas. As long as attic storage, a basement workshop and other home uses are fully separate from the office, there should still be plenty of space where a home worker can have everything they need in one spot.

According to Fox Business News, homeowners should determine if utilities and wireless service are fully accessed in these home outposts, or if cable connections can be made on those levels.

Another concern is how comfortable the home office can be made. Having a work space that's too hot or cold isn't conducive to getting work done, so the proper insulation and heating and cooling systems need to be in place or easily extended into a new area to make it a viable office.

If client space is needed, one advantage to a basement office is that it can be located near the entry leading into a lower level. However, the main disadvantage to an attic office is that it's not accessible unless you go through the house.