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Rejuvenate a room design easily with a new color scheme

March 16, 2014

Hand-Scraped Hickory Hardwood FloorsPainting is one of the easiest ways to rejuvenate a room, its furnishings and elements that include architectural trim and wood floors like those in Anderson's Lone Star collection. But to find the right color scheme for a room design, home decorators should play around with different hues before making a commitment.

Staying flexible helps in case changes need to be made along the way, advised Better Homes and Gardens magazine. Experimenting with different tones within the same color families is an easy way to determine how dark the wall colors should be.

Homeowners should allow for color changes to be introduced into their rooms over time to keep up with current trends, but also to develop a look that's in sync with older furnishings that they cherish.

Resizing a room
With the right color, homeowners can create the illusion of space in home design. Light colors give rooms an expansive look while darker hues create a cozy atmosphere for rooms that might look cold and uninviting in light neutrals.

Another way to add architectural interest is to use stripes in an otherwise solid-colored room. A stripe of painted color can break up a large, undistinguished space by mimicking the look of molding. For a less formal style, painting vertical stripes on a secondary wall or room divider adds a whimsical touch.

Painting furniture
Unless a piece of furniture is a true antique and difficult to replace, virtually any hard surface can be refreshed with a coat of paint.

According to Benjamin Moore, built-ins like vanities and shelving units can also be painted along with walls and ceilings. The inside of a cabinet may be painted in a shade that contrasts with the exterior color of the piece. Light-colored collectibles look better against a darker hue and painting a bold color on the wall behind open shelving will create that kind of display background.

Creating focus
Creating one colorful feature against neutral tones on the walls is one way to draw attention to a specific area. A bright red island, for example, warms up a kitchen that has dark wood cabinets and stainless steel appliances.

To give a room an unexpected twist, homeowners might consider using a bright color to paint a functional item like a pegboard on a playroom wall. The item is still a useful piece that can be put to good purpose, but adding color also makes it stand out as a design focal point.