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Create harmony between different home design styles

March 13, 2014

Home design can sometimes be a mixed bag, but a creative decorator can give the most dissimilar furnishings a unified look. To create balance between different styles and classic features like hickory hardwood flooring from Anderson's Vintage Mixed Width collection, a unique mix of furnishings can become a style all its own.

For those who love to visit flea markets and second-hand stores, there's a good chance they'll find furniture and home accessories from a variety of eras. It's an easy way to continue the trend of mixing old and new furnishings in a room design. That's an ideal approach for apartment dwellers who may not want to invest a big chunk of their decorating budget for purchases they won't be able to use if they move.

The easiest way for homeowners to master this style of decorating is to focus on accessories, soft furnishings and artwork that adorns their walls. People who rent can add art to their apartments without fear of leaving damage if they use removable adhesive hooks. They're very effective for hanging items and won't leave a trace when a piece is removed. 

Pulling together old and new
Homeowners or renters who want to show off their personal tastes should concentrate on adding new furnishings without giving up furniture they've collected over the years. If they favor a particular decorating style, but don't want to commit to it completely, they can weave elements of it into their overall design scheme.

In fact, it's a good idea not to go overboard with a particular style if you're striving for a true eclectic look. For instance, home decorators may be inspired by the sprawling landscape of the Southwest with its earthy colors and rusticity. Hanging a simple wooden trellis in a sunny corner could be the backdrop on which tiny pots of cacti are attached by hooks, and that would be enough to convey the southwestern influence.

Wicker or willow is a good example of furniture that can be simple or sophisticated, and looks comfortable in a range of design styles. It's also a good complement to wood floors, tile accents and many colors.

HGTV advised home decorators who want to combine elements of vintage and contemporary styles to have neutral colors for a backdrop that will tie it all together. This is also important when selecting different fabric patterns - one neutral color should be in all of them to create a natural flow among upholstery, window treatments and other soft furnishings.