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Overnight guests will appreciate home design that makes them feel welcome

March 03, 2014

Hardwood FloorsHaving room for guests in your home is one of the benefits of a well-designed dwelling. The sight of attractive furnishings, beautiful hardwood floors like those in Anderson's Gnarly Plank hardwood floor collection and a comfortable place to plunk down for the night will make any visitor feel welcome.

Even in homes where there isn't an official guest bedroom, there are ways to create a homey feeling when overnight visitors are expected. The key is to prevent them from feeling like they've intruded on the household's regular routine. Find a place in the house providing an atmosphere that encourages your guests to enjoy their stay.

Comfortable bedtime
Set up a space where visitors can store their belongings such as a small table to use as a nightstand. Supplying a guest with a garment rack, suitcase stand or some space in one of the home's closets also helps them keep their clothing in order during the visit.

Easy-to-store feather beds come in full-size, but can be folded up when not in use during the visit, according to Real Simple magazine. Another alternative is an air mattress, which can be inflated and deflated quickly, then folded up and put out of sight.

Providing the guests with the family's best linens will make even the most makeshift sleeping arrangements seem like a special place to stretch out at bedtime.

Welcoming extras
To make visitors feel at ease as soon as they arrive - especially after they've come from a long distance - set out a small snack on their nightstand, such as a bottle of water with some fruit, a granola bar or packaged nuts.

Simple Mom recommended filling a basket with travel-size toiletries, including shampoo, toothpaste, a small bar of soap and lotion. Providing towel sets in a different color for each visitor and leaving them on the guest bed or nightstand will eliminate any confusion about which towels they should use. 

For early risers, leave out dishes, silverware and a note that they can help themselves to breakfast foods. Give some directions on where they can find the utensils, coffee maker and fixings in your kitchen.

A comfortable chair near the area where a guest is camping out in your home gives them a place to relax and read. Include good lighting in the room design or place the chair near a window for natural light. In addition to magazines, some guests might enjoy a book of word puzzles.