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Like classic wood flooring, treasured accessories add character to homes

February 28, 2014

Brevard-Hardwood-FloorsSelecting home accessories is like taking a trip down memory lane. Family photos, favorite books and personal collections speak to family memories and longtime associations. But just as hardwood floors like those in Anderson's Brevard collection add character to a room design, the accessories that homeowners display reflects their personalities and special interests.

When TV design show host Shari Hiller chooses home accessories, she prefers those that have sentimental value and are often found around the house. As she explained on her website, Hiller learned that certain types of accessories fit those characteristics better than others. Pillows add warmth, for instance, while artwork provides creativity and flowers signify growth.

Family favorites
Hiller who co-hosts the PBS series, Around the House with Matt and Shari, suggests unifying photos by theme such as family events, or displaying all color or all black and white pictures along a hall or stairway wall.

Books can also be used as accessories. They can be a platform under a lamp to give it a bit of height, or to add prominence to a display of framed photos. But assembled artfully in a bookcase, books give home design a welcoming, but elegant look that's timeless.

Displaying a personal collection of mememtos can make an immediate impact in a room. Whatever the homeowners' particular interests are, a collection is a focal point, often in shades that complement the room's color scheme.

Creative add-ons
When homeowners choose artwork they really love, they can easily become a conversation starter with visitors. It doesn't even have to match the furniture in the room, although coordinating hues in different pieces unifies the art with its surroundings.

Fresh flowers aren't necessarily an accessory that homeowners have every day in their homes, but they perk up a room instantly and add a quick touch-up to home design when company is expected. Several bunches can be gathered together for a dramatic display, or single buds can be used to spruce up a table.

Soft furnishings
To bring out the best in their collectibles, home decorators may find that window treatments are an attractive backdrop for accessories. Wooden blinds or woven shades both add texture to home design through a variety of finishes that can be matched to wood floors. Customized drapes or light and airy curtains can tie into other furnishings.

Pillows bring in both color and pattern, particularly in neutral rooms in which they can be changed seasonally. Different covers can be made for the same pillow forms, similar to changing slipcovers on a sofa.