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Outfit a basement hobby center with good quality furnishings and floors

November 05, 2013

Hardwood FloorsA finished basement can provide plenty of space for hobbyists to indulge their special interests, whether they're model trains, woodworking or arts and crafts. Adding comfortable furniture, attractive accessories and high-quality wood floors like those in Anderson Floors' Rushmore collection allows visitors and family members to enjoy the space.

According to, one of the benefits of installing a crafts center or a layout for a train in the basement is the amount of space available. Shelving can be installed for storing supplies and tools, and a work area can be spread out.

Since most home designs have smaller windows in the basement, a window treatment should be chosen to maximize the natural light available during the day and provide privacy at night. For a ground-level basement with sliding glass doors leading to the outside, vertical blinds can be adjusted to allow different amounts of light into the room.

Safety first
Installing cabinets can serve two purposes in the room design. It provides storage, particularly for hobbies like woodworking that involve the use of larger tools. But there's also counter space where painted or glued items can be left to dry.

If a hobby involves any chemicals or paints that contain ingredients harmful to youngsters or pets, they should be locked up. Tools that are sharp or pointy and electrical tools also should be locked away so no one is harmed by them.

A workable space
The work station is the heart of any hobby space. In a large room, an island may be installed with space for foot traffic all around it. Stools can be set up around the island so others can join in.

In smaller digs, a desk or work table can be located against a wall with a vertical shelving unit placed on top of the desk. This is an excellent place to locate a number of cubbies for small tools and craft supplies that are used most often in the activity.

Hanging shelves on sturdy brackets and installing peg boards to hang tools from hooks are just two of the ways that hobbyists can find additional storage. Such items can be arranged according to the area available. Peg boards,for instance can be hung lengthwise or vertically to maximize wall space.

It helps to install more space than is needed immediately so there's room later to accommodate additional supplies and equipment, or to grow the display space for collections or a train layout that may be expanded.