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Scenes from the big screen or TV shows can inspire ideas for room design

October 23, 2013

Hardwood FloorsWhen you go to the movies or watch your favorite TV show at home, you don't expect to get ideas about home design. But people may find inspiration in what they see on the screen to choose architecture, furnishings and beautiful hardwood floors like those in Anderson's Casitablanca collection. Whether they aspire to have a home that's more opulent than their own or a comfortable, lived-in look, movies and TV shows can help them arrive at the design that's right for their family.

Those who design Hollywood movie sets are often trying to duplicate homes that people can see themselves living in. For instance, using desert-inspired hues and hardwood floors conjures the landscape of a favorite Western complete with rustic or country-style furnishings. At the opposite end of the spectrum, rich jewel colors from a dramatic scene in a film may lead homeowners to try those hues in their own homes.

Whatever the theme, movie homes often provide inspiration for people looking for a new room design. If they're planning to redecorate a bathroom, homeowners can add touches that turn their baths into home spas. Some quick fixes include the installation of new light fixtures and vanity hardware or creating a dressing area in an underused corner.

Inspiring TV Scenes
While many homeowners don't have the sprawling backyard of their favorite TV famil‚Äčies, they can try to create a reasonable facsimile. Taking a cue from a television series can stir up some interesting choices for both interiors and outdoor spaces.

One set for the TV family drama "Parenthood" captures that appeal in a unique way. Patio dining takes place at a long wooden table with a mismatched collection of chairs and benches. The trees are hung with strings of white lights as all-year lighting in the small-screen version of a California backyard.

If people want the same effect in their own outdoor areas, they can drape lanterns or holiday lighting around the patio for an enchanting look that can be enjoyed late into the evening. Or, votive candles can be placed in glass jars filled with an inch of sand, then set down to line the periphery of the patio.

For people who live in colder regions, this decorative style can be brought indoors to a sunroom or casual living space with lots of windows that help bring the outdoors inside. A line of lights where the walls meet the ceiling has a dramatic effect that adds soft, indirect lighting in a room.