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As seasons change homeowners may add new wood floors among improvements

September 25, 2013

Hardwood FloorsA change in seasons often spurs people into starting home improvement projects and updating their home design. If they plan a change in flooring, Anderson has an inventory that ranges from the sophisticated Casitablanca collection to the down home look of Gnarly Plank.

Whatever improvements are planned, large or small, Kari Henshaw of the Insight Design Group recommended that homeowners take a long-range view by coming up with an overall concept for various rooms, then work in the details.

"This goes back to my whole philosophy on design - have a vision and stick to it," Henshaw told the Ottawa Citizen. "When there's some continuity to your whole house, that's what makes it more successful."

The planning stage
A good place to start is with a concept outlined on a board of clippings from magazines and swatches of fabrics. Whether they're intended to make over a room design or just update it for the onset of cooler seasons, the process is the same.

It's also a good chance to review whether big-ticket items like sofa and chair upholstery is worn and needs replacing or if chipped paint warrants a fresh coat. Once that's decided, new accessories, lighting, rugs and other secondary items can be put in place.

One decorating change that doesn't cost anything is furniture rearrangement. Moving the sofa to a new place or repositioning the TV and entertainment center can give homeowners an entirely different orientation in a room.

An energy saver
The shift from summer to autumn brings the loss of natural light as the days shorten gradually into winter and chillier weather that can seep through windows. For both decorative and functional reasons, different window treatments may be in order, according to Life Organizers.

For instance, if bamboo shades are used by themselves during the warm months, this is a good time to frame the shades with curtains or drapery. They'll block drafts and give the room a cozier look.

Cozier rooms
Fall colors and more textured fabrics can take the place of cotton soft furnishings in summer's neutrals and pastels in home decor. This approach is particularly effective in bedrooms where the natural inclination is to burrow under warmer covers during fall and winter. A bed ensemble will take center stage as a focal point for the whole room with a new selection of linens.

Adding an area rug or a selection of decorative pillows in coordinated colors and patterns can also create a warmer atmosphere in any room.