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Quick home design changes often have long-lasting effect

September 24, 2013

Hardwood FloorsSome decorating tips focus on home design changes that homeowners can make easily and undo just as easily. But many pros recommend starting with long-term, classic design. The Hickory Forge collection by Anderson Floors is a long-lasting choice, but one that will go with many shifts in decor.

For Florida interior decorator Wrenda Goodwyn, decorating changes begin with a design scheme that's simple and direct, and one that calls for a decluttering plan for all the areas that need a makeover.

Start small by ridding the refrigerator of magnets or tackling the years-old stack of magazines. Then assess rooms to see if there is furniture that can be removed from spaces that are too crowded.

"Most homes are plagued with with visual overload. Let's resolve to simplify our decorating and put some space in our homes instead of more things," Goodwyn writes on her blog, Spectacular Spaces. "I always offer some tips that my audience can actually go home that day and either try them out or include them in the decorating plan in their own homes."

Simple, but unique ideas
The best ideas from design professionals are often those that homeowners would never think of making themselves. Designer Jim Howard, for instance, told House Beautiful magazine that painting curtain rods the same color as the walls where they are hung prevents them from standing out and taking away from the beauty of the window covering. Painting on the color with a cloth instead of a brush creates a softer effect.

To create a really standout treatment on standard shelving and cabinets, interior decorator Jean Larette often wallpapers the backs of the units and cabinets.
"Paint can't come close to the impact," she told the magazine. "It will inspire you to rearrange your shelves."

As with flooring, window treatments are decorative focal points, but they also address functional factors such as light streaming into a room, privacy issues and coordination with colors and textures of the other elements in a room design.

Goodwyn also has a number of quick hits that can be part of any room re-do. They include grouping collections together instead of scattering them and using the same color and style frame for all photos on display.

Getting rid of standard door knobs and electric switch plates and replacing them with decorative hardware that goes with the style of a room is another designer trick that can be accomplished easily.