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Simplify the home design process by seeing furnishings in a new way

September 11, 2013

Hardwood FloorsThinking outside the box and relying on one's intuition are traits that many creative people share. But when it comes to home design, that doesn't mean practicality should be left out of the mix. The Urban Loft collection by Anderson Floors have a delicately textured look, but they're also made of hickory hardwood flooring that's known for its durability.

Interior designer Melissa Alvarado Sierra likes to combine both traits by encouraging homeowners to make use of furnishings already in their households because it simplifies the design process and embraces homeowners' personal tastes.

Writing on Houzz, she recommended they look at their possessions and see them in a new role when planning a room design. Re-purposing has become a buzzword in design circles when all it means is taking home goods and giving them a new lease on life. Just as vintage pitchers may be used as vases, a flat-topped desk can be covered with a beautiful tablecloth and do double duty as a surface for a buffet dinner. An older piece of furniture that's sturdy and stylish can be revived with a paint job.

Instinct leads to innovation
Sierra once attached wallpaper in a patchwork print to a closet door. It not only tied into the colors elsewhere in the room, but created an instant focal point in an area that would otherwise fade into the background.

Taking a page from Sierra's style book, people can look at current trends, combine them with enduring classic looks and derive something they aren't likely to find in a furniture showroom.

Along this line, noted that chevron, hounds tooth and herringbone are among the geometrics that have become popular in both fashion and home decor in recent years. They're patterns that have been used for generations, but now they are being updated in a decidedly contemporary way in bold colors. Too often, prints are overlooked in favor of solid colors, but the website stated they add punch to a plain room more effectively than several solids together.

Home decorators also need to trust their instincts when choosing colors and use bold hues in a well-composed mix. When in doubt, take a tip from artists who place colors and shapes in ways that complement each other but also make sense in their arrangement. Looking at one's home as a blank canvas will help homeowners arrive a the right balance, scale and selection of colors and patterns.