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Anderson Launches New Web Experience

February 15, 2010


Clinton, SC. – Anderson unveiled a new web site at Surfaces 2010 that is designed to offer a unique shopping experience for flooring shoppers.  Introduced as part of an integrated marketing communication package, their goal was to create a site that would remain current and be highly functional and intuitive, while utilizing cutting-edge technology to create a positive and enjoyable shopping experience for their customers.

“We spent a good deal of time interviewing female consumers about what they did and didn’t like when surfing the web,” offered John Woolsey, Vice President, Marketing. “We took what we learned an applied it to our new site.”

Consumers complained that most sites remained the same week after week and month after month.  Based on this Anderson added articles and stories that will change at least every 30 days.  Consumers said that most sites were cumbersome to navigate, so Anderson made sure that no page was more than three “clicks” away.

Many features are automatically revealed when the cursor is placed over them and disappear, unless selected, when the cursor is removed.  Lists are easily accessed using the scroll wheel on the mouse.

Anderson’s initial launch, which they call “Phase One”, incorporates existing room scenes into which users can insert any of Anderson’s myriad of flooring choices. Because over 50 planks are individually photographed for each flooring choice, the final result doesn’t look like a repeating laminate pattern, but more accurately reproduces a hardwood floor, as it would come from a carton.

Even more exciting explains Woolsey, is “Phase Two” which is expected to launch in late spring. “Instead of using pre-existing room scenes, the consumer can export a digitized picture of the room they are considering changing and, using a proprietary software, mask the floor and insert the Anderson floor of their choice.

One of the most popular additions to the new site, and one you will not have to wait for, is what Anderson calls their “Scrapbook” function.  From anywhere on the Anderson site, a consumer can “drag and drop” a visual element directly from the page to a personal scrapbook they have created on the site.  Once in their scrapbook, they can export it to a of the popular “Social Media” site like Facebook or My Space and share their choices, ideas and thoughts with friends and family.  They can even send them to the retail location where they plan to buy the floor.

And finding the retailer has never been easier.  Once registered on the site, a quick click on “where to purchase” from either the home page or scrapbook will take you directly to the retailers nearest your zip code. There, the customer can email the retailer directly, attaching their scrapbook and setting up an appointment. The retailer, knowing the customer’s interests and choices, can have samples ready and get right down to the final selection process.

To appreciate all the features and innovations on the new site Anderson has produced a short video tour that first time visitors experience when opening the home page. 

The new Anderson web experience is just a click away… We invite you to take it for a test drive.   Just enter on your web browser and see for yourself.


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