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Rooms hardwood floors work best in

April 3, 2017

It's no wonder people prefer wood floors. They are versatile, durable and come in myriad style and design options, all of which ​can complement any room.

That said, parts of the house can really shine when with a hardwood floor.

A kitchen must be both visually pleasing and fully functional. In a room where you do so much cooking, you should have a surface that is easy to clean and maintain. Vinyl and ceramic tiles are a popular choice, but there are particular advantages to wood that can make it the preferred option for many homeowners.

On pure aesthetics, wood is a great choice for the kitchen because it can add warmth to a room that may otherwise feel cold with bright white counters or stainless steel appliances.

"Don't choose kitchen flooring on looks alone."

You shouldn't base your kitchen flooring choice on looks alone. The true test is how well it performs over time. In your busy, everyday life, things tend to get a bit messy and chaotic. You want a floor that can withstand spills, dropped pans and the heavy flow of traffic.

Hardwood floors have no grout lines where dirt builds up or mold grows. Plus, with wood, you won't have to worry about tiles cracking. Even if the wood floor gets a minor dent or nick, who would notice with a distressed or rustic-type floorboard?

Generally, engineered hardwood floors are better to use in the kitchen than solid hardwood. Engineered hardwood tends to cost less and is easier to install yet features a nearly indiscernible appearance from solid hardwood. For durability purposes, oak would be a top species of wood to consider. To get a better idea of the range of oak style options you can choose from, take a look through Anderson Hardwood's Gnarly Plank and Noble Hall Collections.

As the place you go to retire each night for some much-deserved R&R, your bedroom should act as a personal sanctuary. With such a diverse array of flooring styles to choose from, you'll have no trouble finding one that perfectly matches your personal tastes and preferences. Hardwood floors are good to use in bedrooms because they add a feeling of luxury and are easy to install.

Aside from the master bedroom, they work well in guest and children's rooms, too. Visitors will enjoy the attractive backdrop in a room you, the homeowner, will want to keep relatively neutral. As for the children's bedrooms, let's be honest: Kids tend to be messy. You will want a floor that can withstand playtime. Plus, both rooms are ones you'll likely change over the years, and wood floors allow you to do that seamlessly.

Hardwood floors add both comfort and elegance to bedrooms.Hardwood floors add both comfort and elegance to bedrooms.

Living rooms
The living room is one of the most used rooms in the home, second only to the kitchen. Hardwood floors are ideal surfaces for living rooms because of how easy they make sweeping up dust and dirt. Also, living rooms tend to be one of the more versatile rooms in the home, so it makes sense that their flooring should be as well.

Regardless of which room in the home you install hardwood floors, you're guaranteed to have a pristine surface that boasts timeless beauty. Also, if you're worried about your feet getting too cold on the floorboards or damaging them from general wear and tear, remember you can - and should - use area rugs under furniture or in heavy-traffic areas.

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