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How to make a statement piece work

July 16, 2015

Hardwood FloorsA statement piece can add new life to any room. Whether you've found huge floral wallpaper or a bright green couch, you'll want to make sure it's the most important thing in the room.

Make it a focal point
The most important rule is to make sure your piece really will stand out. Apartment Therapy proposed choosing pieces that have bright or bold colors, provocative or wild patterns, and unusual shapes or sizes. 
Be mindful of what is getting the unusual color, pattern or shape. A better statement piece will be one of the bigger items in the room, such as an oversized painting, wall, couch or bed, Elle Decor magazine advised. A large item will command more attention than a smaller, less noticeable item. If you do fall in love with a small piece, use it to complement something larger.
Let it breathe
Your first instinct might be to fill the room up with lots of colors and unique pieces, but if your goal is to make one thing stand out, then you have to reduce the background noise a little, Elle Decor suggested. Try not to use too many other patterns or bright colors so your statement piece can shine.
"If everything is special then nothing is special," Reagan Hayes, furniture and interior designer, told Elle Decor.
Coordinate your colors
Use a few softer, complementary hues to create coherence in the room. Elle Decor recommended adding colors by the rule of three. Pick up the color you want to emphasize in the statement piece in two other places in the room.
As for the rest of the room, however, you'll want to use enough neutral colors and decor so the eye is drawn to the statement piece. Anderson Hardwood Floors' Rushmore product comes in six different finishes that will create a beautifully crafted yet neutral backdrop.
With the right design, a statement piece will make a simply designed room pop with style while displaying your confidence and personality.

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