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Hickory Forge floors are the epitome of perfection

July 27, 2016

The Hickory Forge Collection of Anderson Hardwood Floors features hand-scraped surfaces that are so beautiful they will forever raise the bar on your interior design expectations and standards. Expertly handcrafted, this line flooring was engineered with precision to skill. Each board is completely unique, creating an enticing and alluring canvas for your home's foundation.

This collection is made up of a wide range of color variations, making it easy for you to find a superior product that meets your specific needs. Take a look through the different options available and discover how this family of hickory hardwood floors eliminates the possibility of you settling for anything less than perfection.

Rusting Bellows
The darkest of the bunch, this rich, mocha colored floor contains a hint of auburn, producing a truly remarkable and distinct surface. Install it in a kitchen with white countertops and cabinetry to create an enticing juxtapose. Or use it in an office or living room furnished with dark leather pieces for a more sophisticated appeal.

Ringing Anvil
If you are looking for a classic and comforting style of flooring, you are likely to find what you're looking for in Ringing Anvil. The powerful mix of medium brown and coffee hues pairs favorably with an array of decor and furnishings, so you can use it in both private areas of the home, such as the bedrooms and offices, or in open spaces like hallways, kitchens, living rooms and entryways.

Experience the stunning surface of Hickory Forge flooring.Experience the stunning surface of Hickory Forge flooring.

Hammer Glow
When guests come to your home, the unique and eccentric shading of the Hammer Glow floor will be one of the first things they'll notice. The fiery, copperish tone of this variation possesses a fun characteristic that will make your kitchen, dining room or sitting rooms feel more energetic and inviting than they otherwise would. It is the perfect choice if you want to install a floor that stands out and makes a statement about quality taste in flooring. 

Branding Iron
The blend of caramel, amber and medium brown tones in this product radiate charm and comfort. It offers a timeless look that is well-suited for any style of home and capable of complementing just about any type of interior design elements. Homeowners who enjoy the Hammer Glow version but want a slightly more relaxed atmosphere tend to favor Branding Iron.

Golden Ore
Golden Ore lends a warm, welcoming and soothing attraction to any environment in which it occupies. The mesmerizing mix of copper, tan and deep, rich brown tones make it an unbeatable choice for homeowners. It is the type of flooring that can be used to make a simple house feel like a welcoming home. It looks best when used in kitchens, living rooms, hallways and other areas of the home that get a lot of traffic.

"Choose this series to make a statement about your superior taste and style."

By far the brightest option offered in the series, the Natural version is composed of bright, creamy, beige hues that instantly illuminate any space, even those that have few or no windows around. This product will have guests fawning over it thanks to its clean, refreshing and polished appearance. Further fueling the usefulness of this surface is its versatility. The combination of colors create a wonderful balance that make it appropriate to use with both light and dark decor – whether that be in the kitchen, living room, bedroom or office.

It can be a long and tedious process trying to find the exact floor that meets every one of your stylistic preferences and needs. However, once you take the time to learn more about the Hickory Forge Collection, you'll know that your strenuous search for the perfect hardwood floor has finally come to an end. Each product offered in this line was engineered right here in the United States and comes with a 30-year warranty.

Because each plank was hand-crafted, you will find instant satisfaction in knowing that you have a floor that is unlike any other out there. And since there are so many color variations available, it is one of the widest collections of hardwood floors for homeowners to choose from. To learn more about the Hickory Forge series of Anderson Hardwood, click here.

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