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4 fresh textures to use in your home

August 21, 2017

Hardwood FloorsUnique textures add a tactile element to your home decor, which is an integral element of a comfortable and inviting space. By using a variety of textures, you create the sense that the house is a warm, inclusive place that is intended to be touched, lived in and engaged with.

Beyond the more common materials, there are many exciting and unexpected textures that you can use throughout your home. Here are four ideas:

1. Velvet
Rich, elegant and composed, velvet implies luxury and wealth - with a wink of seduction. 

"The thing that I love about velvet is that I can put a little tiny piece on a pillow or I can cover entire walls with it, and it will always look rich and cozy," said creative director of Oscar de la Renta Home, Miles Redd, in an interview with Architectural Digest. 

Velvet can upgrade the class and sophistication of an entire room. Redd recommended using it in personal, intimate spaces such as bedrooms, libraries and dining rooms. For a touch of Old World-charm with a modern update, use velvet-flocked wallpaper on one wall of a room. Velvet sofas and chair sets in rich jewel tones are chic without being overbearing, while even small velvet accents like pillows make a stylish impact. 

2. 'Unfinished' hardwood floors
Hardwood floors that are crafted to have a rougher, "unfinished" look are an unexpected way to add intriguing texture to your home. With their visible knots and other imperfections, the planks have a natural, rustic charm that feels earthy, warm and lived-in. However, unfinished hardwood floors work well spaces beyond farmhouses and ranches - they can create intriguing contrast in a modern home with sleek walls and neutral tones, or stylishly ground the high ceilings and drafty spaces of beach houses. 

3. Faux fur
When it comes to comfort, faux fur may be the softest and most touchable material you can use in your home, and, as an added bonus, is very visually intriguing. 

"We're returning to slightly more luxurious interiors, with home decor that feels really great and also looks great," said interior designer and author Erin Gates, in an interview with Elle Decor. "For a long time, the style was very streamlined, modern and on the colder side, but people are starting to want their homes to feel as comfortable as possible."

"Try faux fur area rugs - their soft texture contrasts nicely with hardwood floors."

Let this sense of comfort guide your decorating decisions with faux fur. It works well on throw blankets and pillows - use them in stark or cold rooms that could benefit from some warmth. You could also try faux fur area rugs - their soft texture contrasts nicely with hardwood floors. Place next to your bed for a wonderful, soft treat for your feet when you get up in the morning. 

There are also many unexpected ways that faux fur can be used to make a statement. You can upholster a loveseat in faux fur to make a luxe, conversation-starting centerpiece in the living room, or upholster a headboard in the material. 

However you use faux fur, your best bet is generally to stick to neutral colors like brown, gray and white. 

4. Abaca 
Abaca is a natural plant fiber that is so durable it has been used for centuries to make rope, according to One Kings Lane. When used in a woven wicker style on items throughout the home, it creates a sense of natural, laid-back beauty. 

Try abaca on minor furniture items such as end tables, stools and foot rests, as well as on mid-size pieces like love seats, chairs and even coffee tables. Abaca baskets holding throw blankets, magazines or collectibles also help to create an upscale yet casual look. 

Try any of these textures - or a mix! - and enjoy the tactile and visual interest they'll bring to your home. 

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