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Create a mix of activity areas in a basement family room

August 22, 2014

flooringThe merged layers of wood in engineered floors give them the durability and strength that homeowners need when they're planning to make over a basement into a room that promises to be a gathering place. That's why flooring choices like Anderson's Southern Vista collection are ideal for rooms that have heavy foot traffic and lots of family activities.

It doesn't matter whether homeowners want to outfit a media room with the latest video and sound equipment or design the most popular use of a basement, which is a multipurpose family room. The goal is to create a comfortable and bright spot in the house where friends and family can relax and socialize.

Activity centers
Even when only a portion of a basement is finished, there's usually space to spare in a lower-level room. The structural supports are a necessity, but they can be integrated into a room design. By painting them the same color as the walls, they'll fade more easily into the background.

So that bold hues won't overwhelm the overall space, homeowners should limit bright colors to accent walls, an alcove or built-in shelves. Varying the colors in different parts of the room will create distinct sections for activities, a home office or a quiet zone for reading.

Houzz recommended installing a wall of colorfully painted storage cubes to encourage kids to put their toys away and to make cleanup easier for adults as well.

Benefits of engineered floors
If there's one element in home design that can unite separate sections of a large room, it's hardwood flooring. Most wood tones are neutral enough to go with any color scheme.

Engineered wood is especially good for basement floors because it can be installed directly over concrete without additional padding, according to Home Advisor. The layered wood blocks moisture and provide stability by not swelling or warping. Engineered surfaces can be finished just as well as solid wood floors with the added bonus that they're stain resistant, a plus for any room where snacking and the potential for spills are likely to take place.

While some versions of engineered floors can be installed with adhesive, there are other types called floating floors that lock the planks together with a click or a small bit of glue. For homes in which the basement has a plywood sub-floor, the products can be installed either with adhesive or nailed down directly into the floor.