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Hardwood floors are among features that give a home character

August 14, 2014

Hardwood FloorsFor homeowners who love architectural details but don't have these stylish embellishments in their homes, there are a number of ways to introduce these features into their home design. Just as they can replace bland flooring with beautiful hardwood floors like those in Anderson's Vintage collection of 5-inch planks, there are features they can add to their dwelling that will give it unique character.

One place to start is the ceiling, an often overlooked part of any room, according to Country Living magazine. More home decorators are starting to paint ceilings in hues that complement their decorating schemes. As the room's "fifth wall," it integrates better into the overall look when it's done in a color rather than standard white ceiling paint.

More adventurous home decorators might consider painting the ceiling in a pattern or a bolder color than in the rest of the room. If that's the case, the same rules apply as with wall colors: warm hues like red and orange will make a space seem cozier, while cool colors like blue and green can visually enlarge a space.

Create your own
Homeowners can add hard elements that create architectural interest where they don't already exist in a room design.

Floating shelves attached to a wall - or within a window frame - decorate a wall without visible hardware. Houzz reported. Glass versions seem to disappear into the background, creating an airy illusion of more space and allowing items placed on them to get all the attention. Glass shelves have a contemporary look, while wood versions fit well in traditional decor.

A well-placed pot holding an indoor tree can create a vignette with windows as the frame. Adding shutters or a valance also draws flattering attention to a home's windows, which is another functional element that homeowners often overlook as a decorative piece of their home decor. Valances, for instance, can be chosen in a style that complements your furniture and accessories.

See things differently
When Santa Fe interior designer Annie O'Carroll looks at a door with beautifully carved panels, she sees the potential of a distinctive headboard in a bedroom, a desk surface or the top of a coffee table. Add a glass cover cut to size and the carving will show through.

O'Carroll advises her clients to see ways that they can add architectural interest in their existing decor or add an element that can be useful and attractive. Some examples she gives include displaying artworks in a wall niche or using a stone or wood remnant as a fireplace mantel.