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Let hardwood floors lead the way in decorating your living room

May 02, 2014

Hardwood FlooringThe living room is often the showplace of a home. With gleaming hardwood floors like those in Anderson's Southern Vista collection, this special area of the house should have a great room design and the warmth that will make people feel welcome.

When you already have wood floors, you're one step ahead in the decorating game. Wood flooring adds instant warmth to any room and can be accented easily with an attractive area rug strategically placed to pull together colors that are elsewhere in the space. For living rooms that get a fair amount of use, hardwood floors have both lasting appeal and durability.

At the same time, if your living room suffers from an unfocused design scheme or a bland color that detracts from the entire room, Better Homes and Gardens magazine suggested ways to make it into an inviting space for visitors and family activities alike.

Consider color
The first step is to gauge whether the living room is uninviting and sterile or truly a place where people feel comfortable gathering. A dull color palate, or one that relies too heavily on cool tones without the benefit of bold accents could be the problem. Light blue, gray or off-white used as a main color will recede too much unless there are deeper or brighter colors to add some life to the color plan.

If you've been hesitant about injecting vibrant colors because you think they may be too overwhelming for your living room, use your soft furnishings to tell the color story. Using pillows, slipcovers and window treatments that have a selection of patterns, textures and bold solids will soon create the liveliness you crave without risking sensory overload.

Lighten up
Sometimes, in the interest of striking a formal look, living rooms can get weighed down by the window treatments. Replacing heavy drapes with lengthy sheer panels will give the room an airy and open feel, allowing sunlight to filter in and create a soft glow that will lighten the atmosphere of the space. Darker colors also fade faster, according to Elle Decor.

A good compromise is to install fabric shades that serve a variety of purposes. They provide privacy, and prevent strong light from creating sun glare. If too much light is concentrated on collectibles, wood furniture or upholstered pieces, having shades that filter light also reduces the fading effect of ultraviolet rays.

Maintaining a sophisticated design plan for the showplace of your home can co-exist with features that make your living room a place that people look forward to visiting.