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Quality products like hardwood floors make remodeling worth the stress

April 30, 2014

Hardwood FlooringThe dust, daily inconveniences and cost of a remodeling job raises the stress levels of many homeowners. But a big part of a successful renovation is the quality of goods used in the operation. If homeowners are adding wood floors, they'll want both the long-term appeal and durability that comes with solid oak floors in Anderson's Vintage collection.

Once the planning is done, quality goods are bought and reliable workers are on the job, people should be able to watch as the remodeling progresses toward its completion. But as anyone who's been through such an experience can tell you, there are plenty of irritants to put up with along the way. You just have to get through the process knowing that your home's resale value is going to make the aggravation worthwhile.

Living through remodeling
The most important thing to consider when remodeling a house is how to live everyday life. Some people may take refuge at a relative's home or a local motel, but for those who decide to stay on the premises, there are going to be challenges that weren't there before. All necessary furnishings should be moved to a part of the house where you can use them comfortably.

To make living through a remodeling project easier on the family, act as though you're downsizing. Even if the remodel doesn't take place in the kitchen, workers will be trekking in and out so cooking on your normal schedule may be out. Houzz suggested setting up a "corner" kitchen as far from the dust and debris as possible. Use a mini-fridge and smaller, easily moved appliances like the microwave, toaster oven and coffee maker.

Move or cover all electronics that are in the vicinity of the remodeling activity. Dust can be especially damaging to electrical and computer equipment, but indoor plants, books and collectibles may also be hurt by debris. Star Craft Custom Builders recommended taking away all non-essential possessions that are in the range of the work area and store them safely until all the renovation is finished.

The construction workers will be removing large amounts of debris and trash, but doesn't mean there won't be a trail of dirt that finds its way into your living areas. Don't let everything go until the last minute. Try to keep your house in order throughout the project as you wait for the big day to view the final result.