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Even first apartments deserve a classy home design

April 09, 2014

Hardwood FlooringToday's young single dwellers are hardly the bachelors or bachelorettes from earlier generations. They often have as much interest in creating a home design for their apartments or condos as suburbanites who are outfitting a single-family house, according to HGTV. By selecting high-quality products like Anderson's Vintage Copper Creek hardwood floor collection, they can make a decorating statement that turns their digs into stand-out residences.

Even for those who cook very little, the kitchen probably still remains the heart of the home for many people who rent apartments or are just starting out in their own condominiums. A galley kitchen with a couple of bar stools drawn up to the divider may be all you need to entertain a couple of friends over for a night of entertainment. Having a well-equipped kitchen, however small, may be the impetus you need to buy some cookbooks and learn some culinary techniques.

For your own enjoyment and the comfort of visitors, having plenty of food and drink on hand will allow you to be the perfect host. If there's room for a small eating area, consider a bistro table and chairs because they take up very little space and provide a comfortable perch even if you're eating alone.

Color schemes for kitchens vary considerably whether you have stainless steel or enamel appliances, or painted or natural wood cabinets that match your hardwood floors. A light and airy approach with a neutral wall hue can make a small kitchen look larger, while a darker color like hunter green gives the kitchen a more sophisticated vibe.

Make the most of space
If you're an urban dweller, you're probably space-challenged. Trying to fit all the functions of modern life into a tiny apartment takes imagination and good organization skills. Chances are your living room is also your home office, entertainment center and visitors' central. But don't fall into the trap of making a large-screen TV the elephant in the room.

Enclose your TV and other entertainment equipment in an armoire that coordinates well with your sofa and furnishings and provides extra storage. If it's attached to the wall, install a bamboo shade or other cover hung from the ceiling for times when you don't want the TV to be the focal point of the room.

College Express reported that you don't have to be an art connoisseur to come up with a wall gallery of artwork, photographs or mementos that will give your living room the crowning touch that makes it a room you look forward to come home to.