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Give your foyer a room design that makes a great impression

March 13, 2014

Plank Hardwood FloorsPeople may not think of a foyer as a room, but it's the space that visitors first see when they enter a home. To have a strong impact, selecting appropriate lighting, beautiful hardwood flooring and wall colors that carry over to the rest of the home design. For flooring that can make an impression, Anderson's Lincoln Plank collection is a good choice.

Furnishings for an entry space should be functional - a place to put down mail and keys - as well as attractive, according to Decoist. If the foyer has a high ceiling, a large hanging light should be installed to cast a soft glow throughout the space, but enough illumination to brighten what may be a dark interior near the doorway.

In entries that have windows, part of the design should include a window treatment that ties in with the nearest room by incorporating colors or materials that are found there. The right choice will also allow in light during the day and control privacy as needed. Soft sheer shades are a good choice for a foyer window because they let in filtered light or can be raised for a full outdoor view.

Brighten with color
Painting the foyer walls and trim in a light color can also brighten an otherwise dark space. A bold hue for the front door with new hardware often sharpens the look of an entry from the outside and can do the same inside. It also provides some continuity when the color on both sides of the door is the same.

When neutral shades are used throughout the entry, home decorators may consider installing a patterned runner on the stairs that complements the wood floors. If the stairway is located opposite the doorway, a pattern gives a lively first look into the home's interior.

Decorate the walls
If homeowners are looking for a focal point that will capture visitors interest immediately, Real Simple magazine suggested creating a salon-style wall. The choice of artwork to feature is virtually endless, according to the homeowners' decorating style.

A salon-style wall of striking artwork or photographs can showcase homeowners' interests, family photographs or pictures from travels that hold special memories.

Mirrors, by reflecting the area around them, give the illusion of more space so they're a particularly good choice in a small area like a foyer. An alternative to having one large mirror is to group several smaller mirrors in frames of different sizes and shapes.