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Let your family's personality show through home design

March 11, 2014

Hardwood FlooringInterior designers Robert and Cortney Novogratz may have different decorating styles, but after partnering as home design authors and TV hosts, they still agree on the basics. Combining function and style, as in the beauty and durability of Anderson's Urban Loft collection of hardwood floors, is one of the recommendations they give to their clients. Another is to listen to each other's ideas.

Through the years, the couple has found ways to help people agree on design styles - choose a focal point, personalize your room design and include every member of the family when you decorate your home.

On the last point, the Novogratz have plenty of experience. Their seven children frequently weighed in with their design ideas when the couple hosted the Bravo TV series, "9 by Design" and continue to be involved in the Novogratz's current HGTV show, "Home by Novogratz."

Add character
Drawing upon the special interests of everyone in the family is a good way to arrive at a look that has personality. One way to do that is to create wall designs that use a mix of wallpaper and paint, according to House to Home. Wallpaper patterns, for instance, may replicate other items a family loves in their home and accessories may come from a personal collection or hobby.

Gathering decorative items from various sources is another way to give a room character. Robert Novogratz told The Washington Post that people often buy everything from one place and their homes end up looking like a furniture showroom.

If it's not unique, it's not "you," he said. Buying from different stores and vendors gives consumers a broader view of what's trending and also provides them with a range of styles to pick from that will express their individuality.

Find eye-catching details
When they begin any design project, the Novogratzs start by selecting a focal point. Cortney tells her clients to begin with an eye-catching piece they love and work their decorating around it. It can be an antique dresser, modern neon-colored chairs or an interesting mix of fabrics in a window treatment.

Making a room unique also means bringing in personal items to define who lives in the space, and no item defines that quality better than photographs of loved ones, places visited and the work of a photographer that a homeowner admires.

"I always say, 'If you're going to put something on your wall, tell a story,'" she told the newspaper.