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Home design has changed walk-in closets from functional to stylish

February 26, 2014

Hardwood-FloorsLarge closets have become like dressing areas that rival the size of a home's smaller rooms. Often attached to the homeowners' master suite, the wood floors in the bedroom are typically continued into the walk-in space. When homeowners choose hardwood hickory flooring like Anderson's Vintage Legacy collection, they can't help but bring a luxurious touch to this functional space.

Today's larger walk-ins are outfitted with built-in shelves, a seating area and lots of floor to ceiling mirrors. While they're still essentially storage spaces and not livable rooms, closets have gone well beyond the functional needs for which they're intended. Making the built-in features and lighting both attractive and useful has become just as important as it is in any other room. 

Better Homes and Gardens magazine recommended incorporating different types of storage units in a walk-in closet. In addition to hanging rods, a wall of shelves can hold shoes and other accessories. There should be sufficient places to hang outfits where they can be seen as whole ensembles paired with jewelry shoes. Having clothing hooks on which to hang handbags and scarves keeps them from getting tangled. A jewelry compartment that allows pieces to be organized will make selections easier when an outfit is being pieced together.

Function in style
Putting on a pair of shoes is much easier when there's a place to sit down. If there's space, bring in a bench or cushioned chair in a style that fits with the wall colors and wood tones of the closet and add some attractive pillows for back support.

It should go without saying that a mirror is needed. If there's room for more than one, homeowners will feel they've been transported into an upscale fashion shop. Having floor-to-ceiling mirrors and space enough to see how an outfit looks from all angles is another plus of a well-designed closet. Mirrors also make any room look larger and reflect light throughout the space.

Lighting is just as important. Having both overhead and task lighting will aid homeowners in seeing the colors of their wardrobe pieces accurately. If the room design allows a skylight to be installed, it will bring in sunshine for natural light.

Clothing and wearable accessories still take precedence in a walk-in closet. If items are arranged by color, they'll not only make outfit selection easier, but may also be a creative statement in itself.