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Add texture to home design along with colors and patterns

February 24, 2014

Homeowners can widen their decorating options significantly when they consider texture, along with color and patterns in their design scheme. Like the rustic texture of Anderson Floors' Chestnut Hill collection, fabrics played against furnishings of wood, wicker or glass add a dimension to room design.

Same color, different textures
A monochromatic color scheme presents a special challenge to home decorators when hues are too close in intensity or within the same color family. Blending them together successfully often depends on a mix of textures to break up the uniform look.

Be careful not to allow monochromatic to become synonymous with boring. A shot of color that's outside the design scheme is a popular designer's trick that has an ironic twist. Rather than taking away from the mono look, it underscores it because the main color is seen as a sharp contrast to the strong accent.

As an example, Design Rulz featured a living room in which the walls were painted a deep blue. Furnishings included a sofa in a gray-blue paisley pattern, chairs upholstered in a blue plaid and an additional chair in blue leather. The result was a variety of textures in which each had its own character without blending into the background.

A broader mix
Homeowners should include wall treatments in their choice of textures. High-gloss paints are more reflective than flat paints, for instance. For more depth, try grass cloth or Venetian plaster instead of paint or wallpaper.

Flooring should also be considered for the textures it brings to the decorating mix. Just as a choice of window coverings influence the lighting in a room, wood floors and area rugs have well-defined textural properties.

A mix of soft furnishings can add to the atmosphere of a room. Light and airy fabrics for window treatments brighten up a room, while heavier materials for drapery or roman shades make a room seem cozier. If area rugs are used, coordinate the colors and patterns to unify the decor. Even masculine styles like Mission furniture benefit from the interplay of different textures in upholstery on cushioned seating.

Accessories can add a tactile quality to a design plan. Wicker furniture has an earthy texture, but it goes well with china or glass for an elegant vintage feel. Wicker and other woven materials like rattan or bamboo also bring out the rustic appeal of decorative pieces in hammered metals and wrought iron.