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Room design accommodates both bargain and upscale decor

February 20, 2014

To come up with a unique home design takes a strong sense of style and resourcefulness. With those two qualities, professional designers and home decorators alike are able to pair classic features like hardwood floors in Anderson's Lincoln Plank collection with trendy furnishings.

To get the best mix of styles - and the best deals - decorators often shop in a variety of venues, from upscale shops to antique marts. For instance, a bench or side chair found at a flea market can be revitalized with new upholstery in a high-quality fabric. Or, an upscale sofa can be given a new look with inexpensive pillows that can be changed seasonally.

Designers often start by investing most of their decorating dollars in the items that will be around the longest. Good quality fabrics and furniture with classic lines will last for many years. Using family keepsakes as accessories works well with both traditional and contemporary pieces as long as they're in sync with the overall look.

When homeowners look through their own possessions, they may find items that can be "repurposed" - an inexpensive end table may be look more sophisticated when a striking sculpture is placed on it. If you have an old lamp that's been out of use for a while, freshen it with a coat of paint and top it off with a new lampshade.

House-wide decorating plan
When you're planning a room makeover, the casual parts of the home deserve the same treatment as the living room and other rooms that visitors see most frequently. Just because a particular space has a utilitarian purpose shouldn't be a reason to leave it off the decorating to-do list.

In a home office, a desk with simple, contemporary lines from a discount store can be offset by a classy hardwood or fabric-covered chair that's comfortable and offers good back support. Quality hardware for drawer pulls and knobs can give office storage units a high-class look as well.

In any room design, window treatments can become focal points that tie into the furniture and color scheme around them. Valances may be made of wood similar to the flooring or upholstered to go with other soft furnishings. They can be mounted over window shades, blinds or curtains that homeowners choose based on their style or privacy needs.

By keeping your eyes open for a real "find" at a second-hand shop to go with more expensive furnishings, your home decor will have finishing touches worthy of a professionally designed dwelling without the expensive price tag.