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Hardwood floors and window treatments can be room design standouts

February 07, 2014

Anderson's Floors | Rideau Hardwood Plank FlooringSome home design elements are hardly noticed when they aren't displayed correctly or kept in good shape. But when the best wood floors are installed, the gleam and unique texture of selections like Anderson's Rideau Plank hardwood flooring collection catch attention right away. The same can be true of window treatments when they're chosen with care.

Drapes have an entirely separate look from curtains and require a different way to display them best. Drapery should have a loosely "hung" look that covers the entire window or extends over a large space, wall to wall or ceiling to floor.

Curtains are placed within a window frame and can be used alone or encased by drapes. A cream-colored fabric for the outer curtain and a yellow fabric as lining makes the incoming light look more "sunny."

"Great window dressing can take a room from generic to gorgeous, without further ado," interior designer Cindy Lee Bergersen wrote in Hamptons magazine. "It's the fast track to supporting a pulled together look. 

Less is more
Just as window treatments can make a small window look larger, decorators caution consumers against using too much drapery and accompanying pieces such as valances, cornices or swags. Not only can a small room become overwhelmed by an elaborate window covering, but the same can be true when a large room has several windows.

To avoid overdressing a window, Bergersen recommended that home decorators choose a treatment that can be described by two words - classic and understated.

Place rods correctly
Hung correctly, a room design that includes small windows and low ceilings can benefit from drapes. To make a window look larger, brackets for drapes should be placed three to six inches outside the frame.

The curtain rod should be extended further in proportion to the wall size. As an example, a window frame that is sandwiched by a small sliver of wall and the room corner should be covered with a rod that extends along the wall to the corner, with a simple end cap instead of a finial. When a curtain rod is placed at the ceiling line, it makes a room look taller by increasing the vertical line of the room.

One of the great advantages of using custom drapery for window coverings is the wide selection available in fabrics, colors and patterns to complement a homeowner's current home design or to help devise a new look altogether.