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Classic floors and new colors keep elegance in a living room

June 04, 2013

While homeowners may think of their living rooms as the most formal room in the house, they can introduce bright colors to decorate it without giving up its elegance. Even with the boldest color scheme, a classic feature like Anderson's Southern Vista collection of hardwood floors will always have staying power.

Take the French country colors of Provence. The sunny yellow, vibrant red and blue offset by moss green is a traditional combination that lightens up a living room, which might otherwise border on somber if there are too many toned-down features.

Maintain balance
Keeping the proportions of the hues in the room design nearly equal between walls, draperies and upholstery prevents one color from dominating a color scheme. In addition, accessories in bright colors can be used to accent walls and furniture. A darker color may be chosen for an area rug to anchor the room without overpowering other elements.

As one of those elements, a large living room window can be turned into a focal point with the use of custom drapery that adds color in a wide variety of solids or prints.

As a bonus, custom drapery also provides insulation against heat in summer and cold air in winter, and saves on the homeowner's energy bills. Furniture and collectibles placed near the window also benefit because draperies will act as a buffer against ultraviolet rays and prevent fading of furnishings.


Versatile tables
Whether it's called a coffee, occasional or sofa table, a small table is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture in a living room. Both decorative and practical, it can be placed in front of a couch or between seating.

According to Real Simple magazine, the many choices in coffee table styles range from contemporary glass-topped versions to hardwood that matches wood floors and furniture. Those that come with drawers or a shelf beneath the top surface provide storage. A beveled mirror placed on the table top will fit a room decorated in Art Deco style and a traditional Parsons table to go with rustic decor.

Seasonal change
Slipcovers give homeowners a chance to change the look of a room according to seasons or allow  their upholstered furniture a rest from continuous use. It's one of the easiest makeovers available in a room where many furnishings are among the homeowners' most valuable.

Using slipcovers also creates a unified look among furniture that is mismatched in color and style.