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Placing rugs properly brings out beauty of hardwood floors

May 05, 2013

The look of high quality hickory hardwood flooring by Anderson, including the Mountain collection, can be enhanced by the proper placement of area rugs. Following some general guidelines on sizing for a specific space will help homeowners arrive at the right proportion of rugs to choose for a room design.Hardwood floors, hardwood flooring

Before a rug is chosen, interior designer Susan Welch Heeney advises arranging the furniture to determine the best size area rug for a certain section of a large room, or to cover most of a small room. An area rug that's too large for a small seating arrangement can make the space look cramped rather than intimate.

To make a room look more pulled together, it's best for all of the legs of the furniture to be resting on a room-sized area rug, she tells With a very small rug, all the legs should be off the rug.

Creating borders
Generally speaking, leaving an 18-inch border of hardwood flooring around an area rug looks best.

One exception to that is the placement of a dining room table. It's easier to move chairs when there is at least 24 inches beyond the edge of the table on all sides. That allows the back legs to stay on the rug when someone is sitting in the chair.

Bedroom rugs
Area rugs can be used effectively in a bedroom as long as the size of the bed is in sync with the size of the rug. Heeney recommends that rugs placed under beds should be large enough to extend beyond their sides -  18 inches for a king or queen bed and at least 12 inches for a full or twin bed.

Rug care
Rugs, like upholstery, can fade from too much direct sunlight. To prevent sun damage, try to shield the rugs with window treatments that will limit the amount of exposure.

Some rugs can be washed, but many have to be dry cleaned. Better Homes and Gardens magazine recommends that homeowners keep the care tags on the rugs or filed to remind them of the right cleaning method.

While surface dirt can be vacuumed or brushed away, some rugs need special care. Rugs made from natural fibers such as sisal or rush, for instance, allow dirt to slip through their open weave. Moving them occasionally to vacuum the floor will preserve the rug and the hardwood.