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Everything you need for stylish and tech-savvy home theater including hardwood floors

March 27, 2013

Now that the Oscars are over, you can expect many of 2012's biggest winners and box office successes to be making their way to DVD and Blu-ray.Hardwood floors What better way could there be to enjoy the most recent giants of the silver screen than giving your home theater the proper makeover it needs? Starting with the Lincoln Plank collection from Anderson Floors as the ideal base, consider these tips for assembling a cozier and snazzier home theater experience.

Hardwood floors
Chances are, your home theater doesn't compare to the local cineplex in size, so you won't need to worry about echoing footsteps on a hardwood floor. Instead, celebrate the beauty of the Lincoln Plank collection by making the leap on these engineered oak boards. Just like Hollywood, they're an American classic and sure to bring your space to life. They'll also offer premium acoustics for your surround sound system!

Forgo the usual theater seating and give you and your family or guests plenty of seat to sink into. A couch can take up excessive space, but a set of armchairs are great investments. Although a love seat wouldn't hurt either, especially for those romantic flicks that benefit from a little cuddling.

Side tables
Drinks, popcorn and whatever else you're toting with you needs a secure spot to sit, which is where side tables come in. Don't skimp on value here, make sure you get a set that look as stylish with the lights on as they do when you dim them for the film.

Surround sound
This is one fixture for your home theater that you'll want to keep out of sight. Carefully placing your speakers so that you get maximum enjoyment with the least distraction can be a challenge, but with a little help from DIY Network you can manage it just fine!

A silver screen
Naturally, every theater needs its giant screen. There are a variety of ways to go about this. Some folks prefer the advanced tech of a plasma HDTV, with its intense darks and superior refresh rate. Others like LED televisions for their green energy efficiency. One experimental idea might be investing in a projector. This way you can really replicate the theater and watch your favorite flicks on the white wall or pull down screen in front of you!