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Five staples of "Brooklyn vintage" style in your home design

March 21, 2013

So, in or out of Brooklyn, if you want to give your apartment that vintage-chic style, consider hardwood flooring, like the Anderson Floors Crossfire collection.

Ask any college kid or post-grad, Brooklyn is the new mecca of hipsterdom. And say what you will about their elitist tastes, hipsters have a stylish aesthetic that somehow manages to nail vintage on par with plenty of professional designers.Anderson Hardwood Floors So, in or out of Brooklyn, if you want to give your apartment that vintage-chic style, look no further than Tumblr or Instagram for some inspiration. Of course, vintage can't survive on aesthetic alone, which is where Anderson Floors comes in with the Crossfire collection.

1. Hardwood floors
Style is great, but it can't exist in a vacuum without substance. Luckily, Anderson Floors has both. The boards in the Crossfire collection are durable, maple planks rich in color and hand-scraped to rugged perfection. They're sure to match a number of styles, but provide an ideal base on which to build a vintage-chic home.

2. Milk crates
A large part of hipster style is putting on appearances. One must seem not to care, while actually being very invested. Nowhere is this more true than in decor. Consider milk crates, for example. These antiquated bins are ugly only until you work them into a stylish fixture - perfect for stacking personal items or used as a shelf. Re​-appropriation is key to this brand of interior design.

3. Record LPs
Whether or not you notice the difference in sound quality between a CD, MP3 or an analog record doesn't make much of a difference to your room design. But there's no denying that record LPs, with their large sleeves and grooved black rings, add a whole lot more to your decor than a bunch of CD jewel cases.

4. Instagram-worthy wall art
It used to be that Polaroids were all the rage, but thanks to Instagram's many stylish filters, it has supplanted that old photo technology for something imminently more shareable. Curious what makes something Instagram-worthy? It's less about the perfect angle or perfect lighting and mise-en-scène framing or serendipitous moment. Candid photos of friends, dogs and plenty of just-cooked meals should abound.

5. Patterns
As anyone who's been in an Urban Outfitters recently can attest, patterns have resurfaced. When it comes to furniture, don't look for bland or milquetoast single-color upholstery. Seek out vibrant patterns filled with zig-zags, geometrical shapes and flashes of color.