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Five features every kitchen needs, starting with hardwood floors

March 17, 2013

When it comes to home design, perhaps the only rule is that there are no rules. But any functional, efficient and well designed kitchen should be outfitted with at least five key features.Hardwood Floors From Anderson Floors' indispensable Dellamano collection of maple boards to a solid set of chopping knives, consider how these five features truly make a kitchen.

1. Hardwood floors
Hardwood floors, simply put, are the true foundation of any kitchen. Durable, elegant, versatile - there's nothing so sure to satisfy both your aesthetic and functional needs than hardwood flooring. And Anderson has the very best on offer. Consider the Dellamano collection, the name of which literally means "of the hand" in Italian. While Anderson has always prided itself on hand-crafted flooring, Dellamano takes it to the next level with beautiful, extra-wide planks, hand-sanded to a distinctive sheen.

2. A spice rack
While it's easy enough to cook bland and unenticing food, the key to delicious dishes will always be the sum of the parts. And when you've got a variety of parts to choose from, you can be sure your meal will stand up to expectation. A spice rack with its offerings, from cumin to cinnamon, is a must-have for even the most amateur of chefs.

3. Speakers
Who doesn't like to listen to a few tunes as they do their prep work in the kitchen? Instead of puttering about, do a little more dancing with some great music and a simple speaker setup ready to use with a smartphone or MP3 player.

4. A great set of knives
Dull knives are the bane of any chef's existence. Avoid this fate by investing in a set that won't let you down. You'll get what you pay for, so don't be afraid to shell out a bit more cash for the best knives around. And don't forget to grab a whetstone while you're at it. Good knives are worth resharpening over and over again.

5. A solid recipe collection
Unless you're planning to wing it or make spaghetti with jarred sauce every night, you'll need a recipe collection to refer to. Whether they're from cookbooks, your favorite foodie websites or family tradition, no kitchen is complete without directions for a few great dishes.