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Bringing some of the Emerald Isle into your home design

March 10, 2013

From the dark hardwood floors to the bursts of bright and deep green. If you're looking to add a little Irish influence to your abode, consider a few of these tips.

St. Patrick's Day is just one day out of 365, but what makes it one of the most beloved celebrations around the world isn't just the chance to relax and have fun, but the celebration of Irish culture. For such a small country, Ireland has contributed an immense amount to the world.Hand scraped hardwood flooring Think of the prodigious literary output the country has enjoyed, with writers such as W.B. Yeats, Oscar Wilde and James Joyce having grown up there. And there's no mistaking an Irish-influenced home once you've stepped into it. From the dark hardwood floors (think Anderson's Sanctuary collection) to the bursts of bright and deep green. If you're looking to add a little Irish influence to your abode, consider a few of these tips.

Install hardwood flooring
From ash to fir, the Irish have their fair share of forest, which provides some of the finest hardwood furniture and flooring in the Western world. Anderson Floors' Sanctuary collection is made from maple, and these dark-hued boards capture the charm add character of an Irish pub or old inn. Fit for relaxation but durable enough for guests and parties, you won't find another floor quite this versatile. And as Anderson itself says, the richness of the maple colors combined with the hand​-scraped textures are made to catch the flickering flame of a fire or candle, reminding you that all is well in the world.

Be clever with wall hangings
The Irish are celebrated for their wit, so it might be worth installing a few prints or paintings reflective of your own. A wry Irish saying in needlepoint might look wonderful in the bathroom or a hallway, and there's nothing quite so quirky as a vintage "Guinness is good for you!" poster in the kitchen.

Bring the outdoors in
The clover isn't just Ireland's national plant - it's the national symbol! When a country takes as much pride in its green hues as Ireland does, you can bet that a little indoor gardening is in order. Even if it's just a few hanging plants, bouquets of flowers or a small indoor herb garden on your window sill, this is the ideal way to celebrate the Irish love of nature.

Use green
Yes, it's cliché, but green is an essential element of any Ireland-themed household. The first rule is to keep it varied. Avoid garish, lime hues and go for greens that cross the spectrum from mossy to oceanic blue green. And also be sure not to overuse it. Too much and it'll overwhelm all other elements of your home's decor.