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Sweet Valentine's Day art for your home design

February 14, 2013

Art and love have a few big things in common. Both tend to - when done right - be overwhelming in their passion and power. Both are also REALLY difficult to define. Describing art and describing your feelings for your significant other can be equally difficult - usually the words just aren't there. Thankfully, that's why we have Valentine's Day cards. However, if you want to get a little creative with some artsy gifts for your valentine, you can always consider these suggestions, ranging from hardwood flooring to film posters.Hardwood Floors, Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring
Who could blame you for being skeptical of hardwood flooring as an art form, but there's no reason that something functional couldn't also be shockingly beautiful. Anderson Hardwood Floors has been in the business of crafting top-tier flooring for over half a century, and while they've got hardwood down to a science, the planks and boards of each collection are no less artistic masterpieces for it. Consider the Hermosa Plank collection, whose warm pastel hues are sure to fill your home with hand-crafted character and beauty.

Romantic paintings
You'll have the best intuition as to what your partner finds romantic in the world of fine art. Perhaps it's a gilded and golden work like Gustav Klimt's The Kiss or a more subdued impressionist piece by Monet or Renoir.

Romantic photos
Like paintings, your choice here will show how well you know your significant other's taste. Feel free to consider famous photos like "V-J in Times Square," the iconic image of the American sailor kissing a woman in 1945, following America's WWII victory - or go for a classic shot of Paris by a famous photographer like Henri Cartier-Bresson.

Film posters
Remember your first date to the movies? Hopefully it was a good flick, because a framed movie poster might provide just the right dose of nostalgia! You can also pick from a variety of romantic films that your partner loves. Movie posters make for great and quirky art - especially in your den or media room.

Romantic music
Don't exclude audible art, either. A few romantic ballads or love songs are sure to set the mood for your Valentine's Day plans. Turn up the volume on an old favorite just before you reveal your special gift!