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Five simple tips for improving your kitchen's room design

February 12, 2013

Anderson Hardwood FloorsIt's amazing how a few changes to your kitchen can make your house a happier, more contented space. So much of our home life takes place in the kitchen. It's a room that's as comfortable and comforting as it is efficient. We put a lot of work into what we make in the kitchen - and twice as much work into cleaning it, sometimes. But whether you're enjoying a cup of coffee at the breakfast bar on a Sunday morning or watching your kids finish up some last minute homework at the dinner table, the kitchen is a deeply satisfying place - and one you can improve with just a few simple tips. Consider these five.

1. Hardwood floors
Your kitchen needs durable flooring that's also stylish and a pleasure to look at. When you're talking about a combination like that, nothing beats hardwood floors. Consider a line of hardwood flooring like those by Anderson Floors. A collection like Cimarron is constructed from solid planks of red oak, with intricate textures and a patina of grains found exclusively in true hand-crafted hardwood. You'll love the deep colors and burnished hues of these boards - inviting, comforting and rich.

2. Clean out, restock wisely
The ancient Chinese practice of feng shui dictates that one should clear the house of any malfunctioning or broken items - like old, burnt-out bulbs and defective electronics. Consider applying the same logic to your fridge. Clear out all the spoiled or past-date items, get rid of wilted produce, toss the freezer-burned leftovers - then restock, but do so wisely. While having a packed pantry is fun, don't invest in things with short expiration dates that you don't plan to use soon.

3. A good set of knives
Is there any kitchen-related joy more potent than perfectly slicing a tomato? A good set of kitchen knives will bring you years of satisfaction. Just don't forget the whetstone!

4. An indoor herb garden
For gardening enthusiasts, the winter can be a drab time for food. Never fear, though. With your own indoor herb garden, you can be mixing up delicious meals all December through March. These potted miracles are easy to care for as well - just provide sunlight and water!

5. Dinner parties
Sometimes what a kitchen needs most to liven up your life and make a happy home is a little company. Invite a group over for a meal, open a bottle of wine and enjoy yourself!